Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A little about me and baking..........

Where do I start! I guess my love for baking started when I was a kid, my mum used to have us help her in the kitchen every time she got a notion to bake which was probably every weekend! We always baked cupcakes and she taught me how to make a mean flan :) Mum used to bake all our birthday cakes from scratch aswell and they were always unbelievable, I have a vivid memory of being in the dining room in our old house with the buttercream and chocolate finger cake standing proud in the middle of the table..... mmmm.... until it was devoured by 20 hungry 7year olds!
Another baking inspiration is my Nana Noreen. She used to mind us after school when we were kids, and a couple of times a week we'd bake something in her tiny kitchen. I mean TINY! With the table and fridge and appliances etc there was about a foot of walking space.. hilarious!
So recently, in the last year I suppose, I've kickstarted my interest in baking again. Last Christmas people actually got me baking tins as presents haha :) I've become more interested in decorating aswell so now my cakes aren't just slapped with a dollop of icing, they're carefully piped i swear!

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